RSVP & Invitations

Inviting, Confirmation, Planning, Coordination, Tickets, Bookings. All Sorted.

Invitations - Master the first Impression

Being our Specialised Service, we undertake end to end RSVP & Invitation management of your shoulder. All the invitations to the guests are personally managed by our expert guest relations team from creating & sorting the invites, managing guest lists, to dispatching them appropriately.
Our specialised team also manages entire RSVP like coordination’s, conformations, planning as per confirmed Guests, Documentations, Ticket & Visa Arrangements & provide final Confirmed Guest List to Host well in advance.

Our Invitation Service

– Guest list Management
– Invitation sorting as per Guest List.
– Invitation Distribution.
– Personal Delivery services / Hand delivery of Invitation.

Our RSVP Service

– RSVP Calling & Coordination
– Guest Conformations
– Planning as per Confirmed Guests
– Handling Guest Documentation Needs
– Tickets & Visa Arrangements
– Handling as per travel plans of Guest
– Final Guest List Conformation to Host

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