Heading to a perfect Wedding

Heading Wedding is the pioneer in Wedding Hospitality & has placed itself as Premium hospitality & logistic partner to almost all major event companies in India, by offering Immaculate Hospitality Services.

With Global reach, we provide unparalleled service quality with delightful service experience. Our expert team provides “round-the-clock” assistance & gives attention to minutest details to ensure that all aspects are efficiently organized to make the occasion an everlasting memory for you & your Guest’s, keeping you away from all Hospitality & Logistic worries.


Jatin Tulsiani and Hari Mohan Jha, pillars of our company, are the Hospitality experts with over 12 years of experience in wedding industry specially pertaining to Transport Management, Logistics Management and Guest Management. Working over a Decade, they have seen the changing Hospitality Trends in the Indian Wedding scene& have answered to the challenges with utmost service experience to their clients. It is for this very reason, not even Event Companies, but Clients being served loves them & always rely on them for their Hospitality needs.

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